The Jerusalem Report is a fortnightly English-language news magazine published in Jerusalem covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

The Jerusalem Report in Wikipedia

Editor in chief Matthew Kalman is a sought-after commentator and public speaker in Israel and abroad. Matthew has been a foreign correspondent and filmmaker based in Jerusalem since 1998, reporting for TIME, Newsweek, the Boston Globe, London Sunday Times, USA Today, Toronto Globe & Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News, the Chronicle of Higher Education and the London Daily Mail.
His TV and radio reporting includes PBS in the United States, the BBC and Channel 4 News UK and CTV in Canada. He co-directed the documentary Circumcise Me: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell

See Matthew interviewed on Channel 4 News, February 2012

See Matthew interviewed on IBA News, March 2012

See Matthew interviewed on IBA News, April 2012

Editorial Phone  +972 2 531 5440

Editorial email and Letters to the Editor  jrepletters@jreport.co.il

SUBSCRIPTIONS +972-3-761-9059

North America  1-800-827-1119 or 1-888-576-7881

Israel  *2423

UK  0-8000-283-945

Australia  61-2-9371-7549

Elsewhere  +972-3-761-9059


The Jerusalem Report, PO Box 1805, Jerusalem 91017, Israel


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